2 men charged in connection with service dog incident at Milton’s Restaurant in Kitchener

Waterloo Regional Police said two men have been charged in connection with an incident that took place at Milton’s Restaurant in Kitchener last year.

Police say officers were called to the restaurant at King Street and Fairway Road around 6.40pm on November 10, 2021 after a disturbance was reported.

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The video shows a man with a service dog being forcibly removed from Kitchener, Ontario. restaurant

They say that according to their investigation, two Kitchener men, aged 53 and 54, have been charged with assault, while the older man also faces a second charge of making threats.

Shortly after the incident, video surfaced showing a man with a service dog being forcibly removed from the restaurant by a couple of employees.

The two physically wrestle with the man at several points in the video, and in one instance he is thrown to the ground.

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At the beginning of the video, one of the men can be heard saying, “Leave the dog and stay in here,” while he and the other man pin the customer against a wall.

The man with the service dog then starts crying when the other two men let go.

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The video shows a man with a service dog who is forcibly removed from Kitchener’s restaurant

Video shows man being forcibly removed from Kitchener restaurant with service dog – November 13, 2021

“Relax, man, we’ve asked you a hundred times to leave,” the owner in the blue shirt can be heard saying.

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The customer responds by saying, “You came out of nowhere and I was just asking who you are.”

One of them can be heard in the video: “You are disrupting my business.”

The restaurant’s owner, Dennis Gianopolous, told Global News in November that the incident wasn’t about the dog, but rather a verbal argument with his son, whom he asked for the man’s vaccination certificate, proof of age and dog driver’s license to see enter.

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“Then he asked him for proof of the dog. He said, ‘I don’t have one,’ ”said Gianopolous.

The restaurant owner said the man then verbally abused his son when they refused him entry.

The man with the service dog says in the video that he has permission to keep a service animal with him.

Alex Roy, who was there with his brother and his brother’s girlfriend – they took the video – said you could see the man holding it while being spoken to.

“Look at the video and look at his right hand, you can see he’s holding the papers,” Roy said.

The dog can also be seen in the video wearing a reflective harness, and Roy said he was told it was a certified service animal.

According to a page on the Ontario government’s website, someone who has a guide dog or other service animal must be allowed to stay with that person when using services at restaurants.

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