Area hospitals provide update on patients being treated for COVID

Hospitals in the Waterloo area posted an update on Thursday afternoon about the patients in their care who are currently being treated for COVID-19.

The Grand River Hospital has five — all in intensive care. St. Mary’s General Hospital has one and Cambridge Memorial Hospital treats two, one is in intensive care.

The General General Hospital, which is also included in the data, has three.

41 COVID-treated patients are still being hospitalized in the Waterloo area and Guelph. COVID resolved means they are no longer contagious.

“It is encouraging to see that the total number of COVID positive patients has decreased slightly compared to a week ago. At St. Mary’s General Hospital the number is lower than it has been recently; However, our regional partners are still experiencing variability in patients with COVID-19 who are infectious, “said Lee Fairclough, President of St. Mary’s.

“We are encouraged to see our local numbers drop a bit, but in the larger context of this pandemic, we need to remain vigilant. Stay home and get tested when you are sick, keep your distance and get vaccinated when you t. ”She added.

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