Boosh Plant-Based Brands Inc to launch direct home delivery on in January for North American consumers

The company said a primary goal is to keep expanding the possibilities and ease with which consumers can purchase any of its 24 storage units, including its freezer line, chilled appetizers, and its newly launched and popular shelf-stable plant-based Mac & Cheeze

Boosh Plant-Based Brands Inc (CSE: VEGI, OTC: VGGIF) has announced that it will offer direct access to its growing portfolio of plant-based brands directly through its website from January 24, 2022.

The company said a primary goal is to continually expand the possibilities and simplicity with which consumers can purchase any of its 24 storage units (SKUs), including its frozen line, chilled appetizers, and its newly launched and popular shelf-stable plant-based on Mac & Cheeze.

Home delivery direct from will dramatically expand its existing e-commerce presence and provide the fastest and easiest platform to order Boosh, he added.

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“As a celiac, my goal when starting Boosh in 2018 was to create healthy, plant-based, GMO-free, and gluten-free meals that the whole family can truly enjoy after a busy day,” said Boosh founder and president Connie Marples in one Explanation.

“In the beginning, I only sold Boosh through our local home delivery service across the Vancouver area, but that was extremely labor intensive and not cost effective for a very small business. Thanks to our infrastructure and the advancement of e-commerce, we will be able to reach consumers across North America from home. All they have to do is a few clicks on, “she added.

The company said it initially intends to have its six frozen entrees on its website, as well as its Mac & Cheeze; Nacho and better cheddar. It will also include the full line of SaltSprings vegetable pies and the Pulse Specialty Kitchen line of plant-based cheeses.

Shortly thereafter, it announced that it would offer its extraordinary line of chilled starters such as Sloppy Joe, Chili and Mushroom Gravy.

“Having over 49,000 visitors to in less than a year, of which approximately 40,000 were unique / new visitors, is an outstanding achievement for our team,” added Boosh CEO Jim Pakulis.

“And the fact that over 99% of our traffic sources have been organic, as opposed to display ads, is a tremendous achievement. As we achieve our 2022 goal of doubling our unique visits, we recognize the importance of transforming our website from a “passive” experience to an “active” one. “Active” is the ability to view and purchase our products whether you live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan or Savannah, Georgia. ”

Year-round, and especially during the Christmas season, the company shared its plant-based foods with several charities that help and support the hungry, marginalized, or homeless.

Last year she said she supported the Surrey Food Bank, Vancouver Food Bank, Ontario Food Banks, Mammas for Mammas, Options BC, and the Immigrant Link Center Society.

She plans to add the A Better Life Foundation to her list in early 2022, she added.

Boosh offers high-quality, GMO-free, gluten-free, 100% plant-based, nutritional comfort foods through its wholly-owned subsidiary Boosh Food.

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