City of Kitchener to do additional clean-up of storm debris Wednesday

Residents are asked to place any remaining debris on their boulevard or curb for collection

Kitchener town is preparing after the treacherous rain and strong winds caused by the storm on Jan.

From July 7th, city officials will clean the streets. They also inform residents in advance which streets will be cleaned.

“When local residents have suffered wind damage on their property and have excess debris from leaves, branches, twigs. You can bring it to their curb as we walk these streets to repair city tree damage. We will pick up everything else is omitted and has to do with storm. ” said Niall Lobley, Kitchener City Director of Parks and Cemeteries.

You will work all day. Lobley said it would take several weeks to spin around town. On the city’s website, residents can find out about their clean-up day. “When you look at the Storm Update tab, we’ll provide a link to a map showing residents roughly when they’ll be on their street. If we’ve already cleared your street, don’t worry, we will will do it will be back. “

The city has set aside reserves to help in such situations. The last time the city carried out such a cleanup was the ice storm in 2013 during the Christmas and New Year seasons. “The ice storm also caused significant storm damage. So this time we did it and collected garbage that was created by the storm on people’s property.”

Kitchener Mayor Berry Vrbanovic said they had funds in their capital budget for snow removal and other funds to help with emergencies. “I think it’s important to remember that climate change is a real problem. All cities and all government orders must do their part to address climate change in the long term so that we are best prepared for the future.”

While it’s too early to say the impact of the storm, the city will likely see them fall behind on some of our other forestry work. At the same time, the teams are busy responding to the needs of the community. So we will have to see if we can expand these areas in order to make the necessary investments in the future.

The city wants to be as far ahead of the game as possible. This means that regular pruning of trees helps even in such storms to minimize the likelihood of large-scale damage.

Following the urgent response from the city to repair tree damage in Kitchener, staff will begin storm debris removal one additional street by street on Wednesday. This one-time cleaning of trees, branches and vegetation will help residents clear the debris after a strong summer storm on June 29th.

Residents can collect rubble on their boulevard or curb. Storm waste must be separated from the regular waste collection and must not block sidewalks or driveways.

Storm debris will be cleared of all of Kitchener’s streets, but due to the high volume of storm debris, the cleanup is expected to continue throughout the month. Residents are asked to be patient as the city crews work their way through the neighborhoods. Dangerous and urgent debris across the city has been cleared and residents can continue to report problems online.

Smaller branches and storm debris are also collected through the Waterloo area’s regular garden waste collection program using approved bins and bundles. The delivery of rubble in the City-Blatt depots is not accepted.

The city crews will not return after a road is cleared. Residents can subscribe to for regular updates.


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