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The lack of consistency and the superficiality of progressivism is very evident when we talk about globalization. Taking pity on immigrants arriving by boat and not taking a halfway serious approach as to why they fill up with people is the usual posture. Except for sending an NGO well equipped with SUVs and devoting a large percentage to administrative expenses, nothing is done to alleviate the problems in the countries of origin.

And when the U.S. is charged with solving the disaster caused by irresponsible governments, the media darts are thrown at us, the Americans. The case of Afghanistan is an example. The entry of our honorable army was criticized and now its exit is even more criticized. For some, it has even been the swan song, and we say this with irony because we have already had several such as Vietnam, Iran or 9/11. On the occasion of wars, prodigious technological advances are made (even if they are very limited wars like the one in Afghanistan), so it is foreseeable that this swan song will not be the last one either, since the technological and military hegemony of the USA continues to be and will continue to be overwhelming. But we cannot continue to be the world’s policeman and intervene whenever our weak allies are in trouble. The United States cannot risk the lives of its children to save the skins of others. History cannot continue to repeat itself.

If progressives were serious globalists, a world army would have been set up long ago or the initiative to strengthen NATO would have been born. Making everyone contribute on equal terms and that all the burden of logistics and financing would not fall on us Americans. 

A serious globalization would have to impose a democratic model of government, a free economy to generate middle classes and a controlled educational system to avoid the aberrations of today’s radical world.

But we cannot fool ourselves, if these progressive leaders and non-governmental organizations had as a principle the preservation of our western values, it would have been done by now. They are not interested in maintaining our culture. They have been created and elected to destroy it. It is up to us, the good people of the world, to defend our land and our family with our feet firmly on the ground.

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