Downtown Kitchener’s J & P Grocery closing after 2.5 years

People who live and work in downtown Kitchener have one less place to shop for their groceries, as J&P Grocery announced Tuesday that it will close at the end of the day.

In a message posted on social media, the owners said it will be open for lunch on Tuesday, “with the sale of some clearance items,” before closing for good in the late afternoon.

“We regret the sudden nature of our closure, but we take care of ourselves, each other and our families,” wrote the owners.

“We will continue to support DTK and our community in every way possible and hope that DTK residents as a whole will continue to support small, locally run independent businesses at our core so that they can thrive. We have to be there, shop there and appreciate what they have to offer, “the post said.

Thought as a “full service stop”

The store was behind the Vidyard office at 8 Queen Street between Duke and King Streets.

When it opened, owner Sarah Pepper said she and her husband wanted to provide a “full service station” that is accessible to people who live like them at heart.

“And we really wanted that for ourselves. When we then delved a little deeper into the subject, we found that this is what most of the residents in the inner city want.”

She compared her vision with corner shops in big cities like Toronto: compact, equipped with essentials and often housed on the ground floor of a condominium or an office tower.

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