Food Truck Days return to community centres across Kitchener

KITCHENER – A tasty chapter in the local recovery from the pandemic shutdown is underway, with another food truck program in Kitchener.

Monday was the first night the trucks were back in operation for Kitchener’s Food Truck Days.

They will settle in one of five community centers across the city by July 15.

Food truck operators say they have been hit hard by the closings and the cancellation of festivals means fewer operating facilities.

“It’s so heartwarming to see the community support us so much. We are very grateful that we can also visit some local churches, ”says Kelly Kleinschmidt, owner of the Beaver Tails Food Truck.

“Everything looks different, but we’re on the road from Monday to Friday and couldn’t be happier.”

Truck owners are now taking additional precautions to ensure physical distance to avoid unnecessary contact with customers.

“Safety is our priority for both our employees and my customers. So we set up pylons to keep everyone physically at a distance, we have arm extensions for accepting cash and for our debit pin pad, ”says Kleinschmidt.

Only one truck will be present in each community center this season.

A full calendar of trucks can be found on the City of Kitchener website.

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