GoFundMe raises over $14K in one day for Kitchener family who lost father to COVID-19

A GoFundMe campaign raised over $ 14,000 in just one day for a Kitchener family who lost their father and husband to COVID-19.

Just a few days ago, the Felicien Lukusa family lost to COVID-19. Lukusa was the main breadwinner for a household with six children.

To help, her family priest Dan started the GoFundMe campaign.

“One of the biggest challenges this family faces without their father and husband is the financial situation. It ranges from immediate needs like monthly bills to long-term needs like children’s access to the education they need to grow and develop – this family needs our support and they deserve it, “he wrote on the GoFundMe page .

“I know this family and they have been generous with theirs in the past [neighbours], never calculating and always helping those in need. But now the time has come when they need our help. I ask for your support so that this family and children may enjoy the same opportunities that many of us enjoy. “

Last month, both Lukusa and his wife were hospitalized with COVID-19 and within 24 hours they were both unconscious and put on ventilators, leaving their six children without their parents for a full month.

After three weeks on a ventilator, Lukusa’s wife recovered, but died a week later.

Here you can find out more or donate to the campaign.

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