Jewish Intimacy

Jewish Intimacy

Judaism and sexuality are only practical within the confines of marriage. The Jewish community strongly believes in family values and lasting love. What does religion think about Jewish intimacy?

The Torah has statements that observe why the human being is not an animal. It is dehumanizing to participate in sexual activities without care for emotions. It is not nature’s way for humans to reduce the genitalia to solely pleasure-seeking features. The consequences of irresponsible behavior include loneliness, broken homes, infidelity, and loveless marriages.

The best approach by the Torah is that sex should have neutral morality. Considering Jewish sexuality as an ambivalent power gives it an intrinsic value that is neither sinful nor bestial. Here is how couples can improve Jewish intimacy for the long-term success of the family.

Tips to improve intimacy in marriage

Set time apart

Married people will casually ignore their intimacy with the excuse of a busy life. The better plan is to set aside time not to engage in sex but to enjoy some personal time that may lead to closeness.

Ignoring sex is usually the beginning of issues like infidelity. You will begin to notice the concept everywhere as you run daily errands or work with many other people in your office. It is unhealthy to dive back into intimacy with the idea of having sex. You need a mutual agreement to break away from sex and reconnect to have a better emotional relationship to precede the main act.

Nurture the friendship

Most happy couples know that sex begins way before you get to bed. There are hundreds of things one can do while making Jewish relationships better while simultaneously supporting non-physical foreplay. The following are examples of Jewish intimacy activities to improve the friendship:

  • Intellectual topics
  • Playing tennis
  • Non-sexual affection
  • Aesthetic upgrades, such as a new wardrobe
  • Spiritual cooperation such as praying
  • Sharing feelings

Participate in rituals

Research shows that families that create and participate in communal activities grow closer. The couple can set up a mandatory Sunday brunch to enrich the relationship, with the same commitment they attend a Sunday religious service.

Demonstrate daily love

It is essential to make a habit of showing daily affection to your spouse. Many of us assume that our spouses know we love them because we return home every night and do not have constant fights. Simple acts of love may be regular as putting gas in the car, bringing home their favorite snack, or writing a cure message as you leave for work.

Practice understanding

Some couples have misunderstandings because they have the wildest reactions to mild faults. It is best to understand that your partner’s lack of desire for sex is not an indication of their growing disinterest in marriage. They may indeed have a lot on their mind or imbalanced hormones that cause the lowest sex drive. It does not help to add wood to the fire by making them guilty of an uncontrollable situation.

Judaism and sex are not as simple as the human desire to reconnect with the spouse. We suggest taking a class from Rabbi Friedman or purchasing thee sex manual for Orthodox Jews at a 25% discount when you call 800-656-5669.