Kitchener council brings back slow streets, food truck programs

The Kitchener Council has voted to bring back some programs that were tested last summer when the area made initial adjustments at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The city says it will bring back Slow Streets this summer and allow food trucks to have more parking spaces again.

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The slow streets program will close some streets to through traffic, which the city said will provide safer conditions for cycling and increase sidewalk space so pedestrians can maintain better social distance.

The streets are only open to residents and rescue, maintenance and delivery vehicles.

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Streets affected include Cameron Street (King to East), Samuel Street (Stirling to Frederick); Montcalm Drive (Lorraine to Ottawa), Brybeck Crescent (Westmount to Karn), Greenfield Avenue (Fifth to Traynor), Duke Street West (Victoria to Waterloo), Duke Street East (Pandora to Cedar) and part of Waterloo Street.

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The city says employees will be collecting traffic, pedestrian and cyclist data to measure the effectiveness of the initiative to reduce vehicle speeds and amounts.

It didn’t say whether it would monitor neighboring streets for the impact it would have there.

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The city says food trucks will be allowed to run in more locations, including Victoria Park, this summer.

It is said that employees will select the location in the coming weeks.

In addition, the plan to allow food trucks in more areas last summer had been well received and will continue this summer.

It states that staff will review the program to see if the changes should be made permanent.

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