Kitchener council chooses not to choose on regional growth

The Waterloo area offered three possible scenarios, but the City of Kitchener decided that more information was needed

The City of Kitchener has decided not yet to weigh a trio of possible plans for dealing with regional growth.

The Waterloo region had asked the city for input on three possible growth scenarios, as it expects nearly one million people to live in the region by 2030.

Despite the request, Kitchener’s City Planning Committee and several stakeholders decided on Monday that too many questions remained to be answered.

“I think it is premature to endorse any of the scenarios presented in the Regional Preliminary Growth Scenario because enough technical details have not been provided to assess whether these scenarios are feasible,” said Robyn Brown, a Schlegel Homes planner.

“Kitchener employees are asking the committee and council to make a recommendation that will have a profound and lasting impact on affordability, housing supply and choice for many generations to come,” said Maria Kyveris, president of the Waterloo Region Home Builders’ Association . “We did not have ample opportunity to review and discuss the details of the Kitchener City staff report, which was released July 30, nor were we shared any background on the assumptions for the staff recommended growth scenario.”

In the end, the city council decided to refer the discussion back to the region.

The Kitchener Council seemed to make it clear that it prefers to avoid sprawl and leave the city limits where it is.

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