Philadelphia nonprofit Legacy of Hope helps feed those battling cancer during pandemic

KITCHENER (WPVI) – The Philadelphia Legacy of Hope nonprofit provided free grocery deliveries to people battling cancer during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s a heartwarming mission involving local hospitals, community cops, and Brown’s Shop Rite grocery stores.

Every Tuesday officials use the nonprofit organization’s Emergency Patient Support Network to top up groceries that are discounted at three stores.

From there they set out to hand in their purchases to families who are on the verge of hunger.

“A lot of these families are too sick or don’t have the means to get the food. Obviously, COVID made it worse,” said Michael Rowe, CEO of Legacy of Hope.

Officials give blessings, and needs vary each week. Each family receives free groceries for two weeks. All foods are carefully selected by an oncological nutritionist.

Legacy of Hope works with all hospitals and social workers in the Philadelphia area.

“Coming from a family with grandparents and aunts (and losing them to cancer) is no greater joy than showing up at someone’s home with a pile of groceries,” said Officer Lynneice Hill.

Patrick Connors of South Philadelphia, who is fighting terminal prostate cancer, said he was grateful for the help. He said the officers who volunteer are unsung heroes.

The meal was also a great blessing for Margaret Cherry of South Philadelphia, who is battling both bone and uterine cancer.

“That someone really cares enough about me to do that,” she exclaimed.

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