Laurier Homecoming raged on despite warnings from university, police (update)

The university “actively discourages” students from taking part in unsanctioned street gatherings

A large number of university students took to the streets Friday night and all day Saturday to celebrate the first HoCo, or homecoming since COVID-19.

Students posted their Saturday antics online, starting on Albert Street and Regina Street and moving outwards.

The Friday night parties took place in the area of ​​Marshall St. and Regina St. North in Waterloo, next door to the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity House.

Public video footage from Snapchat shows students flooding the streets both nights,

The university took to Twitter Saturday morning to state that the university, police, city and emergency services partners “actively discourage” students from taking part in unsanctioned street gatherings.

The WRPS followed that sentiment with their own message on HoCo safety. Fencing was installed on Ezra Street to create barriers between the homes, the sidewalk, and the roadway but the students migrated to nearby intersections.

Police say the only charges handed out as of Saturday afternoon have been alcohol-related, along with noise and nuisance bylaw infractions.

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