Pretty Woman star, Richard Gere, is coming to Kitchener

The upcoming Richard Gere film, Longing, will film in Downtown Kitchener early next week.

An English adaptation of writer-director Savi Gabizon’s “Ga’agua,” the Israeli film follows Gere as he tries to feel closer to his long-lost son, who passed away before they could meet.

“As he explores his dead son’s life and gets to know him vicariously through those closest to him, Daniel is forced to evaluate the life choices that have led him to this crossroad,” reads the IMDB summary.

Gere is known for his performances in the blockbuster Pretty Woman and the 2009 flick Hatchi: A Dog’s Tale.

Filming is set to begin on Monday, Oct. 31, between 8 am and 11 pm

Residents and businesses may experience some short intermittent traffic disruptions in the King St. E. and Queen St. S. area to accommodate the filming.

The film was also shot in downtown Cambridge earlier in the week, taking over the Main Street Bridge area in Galt.

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