Suppression efforts continue on large forest fires in Kenora area

Efforts to tackle four major forest fires in the Kenora and Red Lake areas continue, with two of the fires now classified as on hold.

Aviation, Forest Fire and Emergency Services (AFFES) said Kenora 25, which is about 2,000 acres, and Kenora 30, which is about 1,160 acres, are out of control.

Both fires burn east of Kenora.

However, Kenora 27, which burns north of Kenora and is approximately 4,480 acres, and Red Lake 10, which burns in Woodland Caribou Provincial Park and is approximately 6,000 acres, are both now classified as held.

Elsewhere in the region, Thunder Bay 8, which spans 97 acres and burns in Oliver Paipoonge, remains under control.

Dryden 13, which is southeast of Dryden and is 22.6 acres, is also under control, AFFES said.

Another major fire, Sioux Lookout 3, is not under control on around 3,400 hectares. This fire is located near Lac Seul.

For a complete list of the fires in northwestern Ontario, see the province’s interactive forest fire map.

AFFES said Thursday the fire hazard in the area is mostly low to moderate, with some spots high risk.

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