US Supreme Court Rejects Republicans’ Last-Gasp Bid To Halt President-elect Joe Biden’s Pennsylvania Win – CBS Philly

WASHINGTON (CBS / AP) – The Supreme Court has denied the Republicans recent attempt to undo Pennsylvania’s certification of President-elect Joe Biden’s victory on the campaign field. The court on Tuesday refused, without comment, to question the Pennsylvania certification process.

Governor Tom Wolf has already confirmed Biden’s victory, and the state’s 20 voters are due to meet on December 14 to cast their votes for Biden.

Biden won 306 votes. Even if the Pennsylvania results were in doubt, he would still have more than the 270 votes it would take to become president.

Meanwhile, on the previous Tuesday, President Donald Trump’s election campaign lost another round in a flurry of Republican lawsuits over the Pennsylvania elections. The state Supreme Court refused to hear his appeal on fewer than 2,000 ballots in suburban Philadelphia.

The court, by a democratic majority of 5: 2, denied the urgency appeal request in a one-line comment that did not explain the decision.

There are at least five other pending cases of Trump or Republicans trying to ditch certain ballots or improve Pennsylvania’s President-elect Joe Biden’s victory over Trump by more than 80,000 votes.

The Bucks County case concerns 1,995 postal ballot papers in which voters did not write their name, address, or date on the outer envelope for the return of the ballot or enclose their ballot in an inner, unmarked confidentiality envelope that was unsealed.

The Trump campaign claims the ballot papers should be discarded under state law.

The state Supreme Court, which has ruled on separate counts from different counties, has denied previous Republican requests for ballot removal because no handwritten name, address, or date was printed on the ballot return envelopes.

The Bucks County Electoral Board decided to count the ballots, a decision that was upheld by the lower courts. The district’s lawyers alleged that Trump’s campaign should not be appealed.

The Trump campaign’s request was procedurally flawed because its allegations of constitutional violations were not brought to court and the number of ballots in question is in any case far too few to undo Biden’s victory, district lawyers argued.

Trump narrowly won Pennsylvania against Hillary Clinton in 2016.

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